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Technician Training

Veterinary Resource Technicians assist the veterinarians in maintaining the highest quality of animal care. Technicians assist the veterinarians in performing prescribed treatments and monitoring animal health by daily observation of ill animals. Additionally, technicians assists monitoring of anesthesia, performance of radiographs, and equipment checks and maintenance.

  • Continuing education and training for technicians keeps them abreast of new developments in veterinary nursing care and new techniques, as well as providing a forum for informational exchange among technicians from other facilities and areas of expertise.
  • Technicians are given opportunity to attend one meeting per year to allow for continuing education requirements and further skill development.
  • Technician training is specific for veterinary care that is provided and team-taught by all of the veterinarians.
  • Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician (ALAT) courses are offered in an effort to provide preparation for certifying exams offered through the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS).
  • The in-service training provided by NIRC helps to familiarize technicians with Standard Operating Procedures and regulations that specifically pertain to laboratory animal research and occupational safety.