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Accreditation and Registrations

  • Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC) since 1988. (No.00452)
  • Department of Health & Human Services, Office for Protection from Research Risks (Assurance A3029-01)
  • United States Department of Agriculture, Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (Reg. No. 72-R-0007)
  • Federal Fish and Wildlife Permit No. LE757641-0
  • Department of Environmental Quality, Nuclear Energy Division,  Registration No. 4988-R01
  • Registered Importer of Non-Human Primates by the Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Multiple clinical and research support areas are located throughout the UL Lafayette-NIRC campus. Diagnostic equipment available at the Center includes a Continental TM40 radiographic unit with automatic processor and computer imagery for diagnostic enhancement and an Aloka 500V ultrasound unit with 7.5 and 5.0 megahertz probes for large and small animal imagery. A centrally located surgical suite is equipped with the following:   

  • One Quantiflex V.M.C. Anesthesia Unit
  • Two Narkove Deluxe Anesthesia Units
  • Two Spacelabs Life Support Monitors
  • Olympus Endoscope with video monitors and color photo printer
  • Three Burdick EK10 Electrocardiograph Units
  • One Zoll Defibrillator
  • Medivision Laparoscope with a High Intensity Light Source, Digital Camera and Digital Enhancer
  • Valleylab Electrosurgical Generator and Accompanying Instrumentation
  • Haemonetics MCS Apheresis Unit
  • Novametrix model 7100 pulse-oximeter/capnograph
  • Ultrasound imaging/radiographic imaging

On site capabilities include a 12,000 square foot diagnostic laboratory. Diagnostic support capabilities include hematology, chemistry, coagulation, microbiology, urinalysis, parasitology and histology. Among other investigator support procedures, the laboratory is capable of providing ficoll gradient isolation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells, platelet aggregation profiles, non-human primate lymphocyte proliferation assays, and flow cytometry.

Major instrumentation in the laboratory includes:

    Dade Behringer Dimension XP Plus, Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
    AFS®-3D Millipore Water Purification System
    Orion Model 611 pH meter
    Synergy HT (Multi Detection Microplate Reader)
    Elx50 Automated Microplate Strip Washer
    Elx405 Automated Micorplate Washer

    Guava Personal Cell Analysis System ‘PCA’
    (Guava Viacount Cell Counting and Viability Software)
    Becton Dickenson FacsCalibur Flow Cytometer
    Bio/Data Corp. Platelet Aggregation Profiler
    Coulter ACL 3000 Automated Coagulation Profile
    Beckman Coulter LH780, Hematology Analyzer
    Hema-Tek 2000 Hematology Slide Stainer
    Thermo Scientific Shandon Cytospin 4 Centrifuge

    Dade AutoScan-4, Automated Bacteriology Panel Reader
    Forma Two Chamber CO2 Incubator
    Spectronic 20 Genesys Spectrophotometer
    Precision Scientific Incubator
    Thermo Scientific Incubator

    Fisher-Hamilton Trimming/Dissection Work Station
    Reichert-Jung Microtome 2040 Autocut
    Shandon Automatic Coverslipper
    Surgipath Glass Coverslipper
    Shandon Excelsior ES Tissue Processor
    Varistain Gemini ES Slide Stainer
    Isotemp Standard Incubator, 600 series
    Tissue-Tek Tissue Embedding Console System

    OMNI THQ Digital Tissue Homogenizer
    Analytical and Pan Balances (Sartorius/A&D)
    Beckman Allegra 6R Refrigerated Centrifuges
    Beckman GS-6R Refrigerated Centrifuges
    Beckman GS-6 Centrifuges
    Branson Ultrasonic Bath, Model 2510
    Revco and Forma Freezers Ultra Low (-70oC)
    Thermo Forma Scientific Steri-Cult CO2 Incubator
    Sanyo CO2 Incubator
    Multidrop 384 Multiplate Dispenser
    ‘HealthVisions’ Laboratory Information System

We are very passionate about the work that we do and what the center means to the future of health care and other industries in Louisiana and beyond.