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Availability of Species

The Center is responsible for over 6500 non-human primates and represents a number of species:

  • Macaca mulatta
  • Macaca nemestrina
  • Macaca fascicularis
  • Chlorocebus aethiops
  • Cebus apella

Non-human primate housing systems are comprehensive and compliant with ILAR’s “Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.” Diverse housing methods accommodate all potential requirements for housing conditions required by our sponsors. The emphasis on housing systems is to provide for social interaction through group housing, though individual housing for program support is available. Non-human primate housing systems include:

  • Corrals
  • Open space field cages with shelter/shade and connecting chutes
  • Variations of large and small corn crib caging
  • Indoor/outdoor hurricane fencing and concrete block caging
  • Primadome indoor/outdoor caging with adjacent shelter buildings
  • Stainless steel wall mounted caging of various sizes that provide shuttle capability to accommodate group and pair housing
  • Standard Stainless steel wall/floor mounted caging of various sizes