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Continuing Education

Veterinarians are offered the opportunity for paid continuing education to maintain license and keep them current on the newest equipment, techniques and regulations in the field of laboratory animal medicine as it pertains to nonhuman primates or emergency medicine.

Non-Tracking Veterinarians

Veterinarians choosing not to “track” for ACLAM boards are afforded the opportunity to obtain continuing education credits in the form of two paid professional meetings per year. The meetings may be of a workshop or training nature or of a lecture format. The meetings are only required to be pertinent to the field of clinical medicine.

Tracking Veterinarians

Veterinarians choosing the tracking option are given the opportunity to attend 3 meetings per year, in an effort to provide the opportunity for attendance to ACLAM training lectures and workshops.

Veterinary Clinical Rounds

Clinical rounds are held each week at 2:30 p.m. on Thursdays. Rounds include discussion of clinical cases and recent journal articles and outline of selected relevant book chapters. The intent of clinical rounds is to provide a forum of clinical discussion and consultation on pressing cases as well as a review of literature and ACLAM series book chapters.