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Animal Procurement

The primary source of non-human primates at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette New Iberia Research Center is provided by established breeder production units maintained onsite; however, sometimes the specified test model requirements for non-human primates cannot be met with available on-site resources.

As a service support organization, the Center provides for procurement of animals from reputable foreign and domestic sources. Arrangements to “sole source” the acquisition of animals relative to geographic origin or the sponsor’s vendor preference can be accommodated. Expectations to assure the provision of quality animals from potential vendors to clients include:

  • Animals delivered must be consistent with specifications requested including sex, weight, viral status, species, age, and proposed timeline for delivery
  • Shipping arrangements are consistent with Center for Disease Control (CDC), USDA, U. S. Customs, U. S. Fish & Wildlife, and State of Louisiana Department of Agriculture guidelines
  • Documents required for interstate transportation and importation of non-human primates are consistent with the local, state, federal, and international requirements
  • Appropriate CITES documentation must accompany the animal shipment
  • Experienced morbidity and mortality percentages must fall within acceptable limits
  • The vendor must allow on-site inspection by the Center's staff members