The Facility

Currently the Center operates from a 100-acre site with 24 buildings totaling over 485,000 square feet. Diversified animal housing systems include indoor/outdoor cages for housing great apes and rhesus macaques in large family groups, outdoor corncrib/minicrib combinations for housing macaque and cercopithecine species, and indoor single housing units for all non-human primate species.

Multiple clinical and research support areas are located throughout the UL Lafayette-NIRC campus. Diagnostic equipment available at the Center includes a Continental TM40 radiographic unit with automatic processor and computer imagery for diagnostic enhancement and an Aloka 500V ultrasound unit with 7.5 and 5.0 megahertz probes for large and small animal imagery. A centrally located surgical suite is equipped with the following:

On site capabilities include a 12,000 square foot diagnostic laboratory. Diagnostic support capabilities include hematology, chemistry, coagulation, microbiology, urinalysis, parasitology and histology. Among other investigator support procedures, the laboratory is capable of providing ficoll gradient isolation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells, platelet aggregation profiles, non-human primate lymphocyte proliferation assays, and flow cytometry. Major instrumentation in the laboratory includes: